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Our Mission


Those who have served or are serving our country have experienced an extraordinary journey. At the end of the day we are more than our experiences. Battle Born Yoga Project is committed to raising awareness about how yoga and meditation can play a huge role in how we transition through our daily lives. Whether you are a service member, veteran or first responder, our mission is to offer free yoga and meditation that is trauma and stress sensitive

and supported by evidence-based research.


Battle Born Yoga project was built to honor all of our service members,veterans, and first responders and offer a way to regroup, re-asses and and overcome. 

About Rachael

The story is simple, yoga/meditation is my life’s work. The question that kept coming back was how I can help our community, especially our service members, veterans and their family and more importantly why is yoga/mediation so far from reach within the military and veteran communities? Well, the only thing I could do was offer it to them.

So, the ball went rolling and along the way I became a Warriors at Ease Certified Level 1 Instructor. With this wonderful certification I gained an understanding of what it means to offer this wonderful practice of exploration to our service members, veterans and their families. The military journey is extraordinary, at the end of the day our military are more than their experiences. I want to offer more than a “Thank you for your service”, I want to offer “hear is a safe space for you to explore who you are and find new ways to transition through life and move”.


Evidence shows that service members and veterans have significant reduction of anxiety symptoms when introduced to yoga and meditation in a very specific way. What does this mean? Well, connection-within a human being, between human beings, and with all life- is the essence of healing from Trauma.

About Me: Through my devotion and a little over 2 years as a yoga teacher, I have logged over 300+ hrs of yoga training. My training's consisted of having wonderful opportunity to study under Kimberlee Orenstein M.S. where I obtained my RYT-200 in 2016 and went on to obtain E-RYT 200 in 2019. As continued education, I have obtained extended hours of training through various modalities with emphasis on anatomy, evidence-based yoga and meditation for PSTD and Trauma through Warriors at Ease as well as currently studying MBSR- Mediation.

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